Group counselling

What is group counselling?

Group counselling is a form of counselling where a small group of people meet regularly to openly express and talk through problems or concerns with each other and a group leader. These interactive sessions give you an opportunity to increase your understanding of self and others, practise new ways of being with others, and learn more effective ways to interact. The trust and support received from the group make it easier to openly discuss beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours, without fear of judgement. With the guidance of a registered counsellor, group counselling provides an environment where all members feel heard, understood, and empowered to make positive changes in their lives. 

Benefits of group counselling:

Improves social skills:

Group counselling helps you to interact with others through participation in a group setting. This helps to build and promote better communication skills which can then be applied outside of the counselling setting.  

Alleviates feelings of loneliness:

If you have experienced feelings of isolation or loneliness, you may find these group interactions help you to feel accepted and understood. The more comfortable you feel within your group, the easier it becomes to share openly, which can be richly rewarding and life-enhancing.

Meaningful feedback:

Talking about difficult things in a group setting enables you to receive feedback from others who may be sharing the same feelings and experiences that you are. Their perspective can often help you to identify areas in which you struggle and help you to explore possible solutions. 

Increases motivation:

Being surrounded by people who are trying to cope with similar situations or experiences gives you the opportunity to learn and heal. The motivation to make changes in your life can be challenging, but by actively participating in a group setting, you may acquire the motivation to tackle some hard things in your personal life. 

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