The role of a registered counsellor:

The role of a registered counsellor is to make counselling services accessible to the diverse South African population and to assist individuals and groups to better understand thoughts, behaviours, and emotions to enhance personal functioning. Registered counsellors equip clients with the tools and knowledge to promote their emotional and mental wellbeing in a supportive environment. 

As psychological practitioners, registered counsellors provide:

  • Short-term counselling
  • Psychological screening 
  • Psycho-educational workshops
  • Psychometric assessments 

Registered counsellors differ from other categories of psychology in that the main aim is to prevent, promote, intervene, and appropriately refer. As highly trained mental health professionals, registered counsellors are the first responders to psychological support for individuals, families, and groups. 

Our services include:

Individual counselling

Individual counselling is available to anyone who would like to improve their mental health and wellbeing or who may need guidance during difficult periods in life

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Relationship counselling:

Relationship counselling, whether in the context of marriage or partnerships, offers people in relationships the opportunity to explore and address inter-personal concerns in a safe environment.

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Group counselling:

Group counselling is a form of counselling where a small group of people meet regularly to openly express and talk through problems or concerns with each other and a group leader.

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Psychometric assessments:

A psychometric assessment is a scientific method designed to measure an individual’s abilities, strengths, and weaknesses in order to assess their personalities, behaviours, and skills. Our assessments explore career suitability, school readiness, or learning difficulties.

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Psycho-educational workshops:

Psycho-educational workshops aim to empower and educate groups or individuals on a range of topics that offer insight into personal growth or areas of difficulty.

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