Individual counselling

What is individual counselling? 

Dealing with emotional stress or mental health concerns can feel very isolating. Seeking the help of a registered counsellor can greatly benefit a person in working towards mental wellbeing. Individual counselling is a personal one-on-one counselling space where you interact with a counsellor to address certain situations or challenges that you may be experiencing. It is a partnership that focuses on helping you to understand yourself better, to gain clarity into your circumstances, and to create goals and strategies to effectively manage your specific concerns. A good counsellor draws on a range of therapeutic tools to meet you where you are at in your life and apply what would work best for you as a unique individual. 

The benefits of individual counselling:

Greater self-awareness:

Often people seek counselling when feeling overwhelmed or anxious without quite understanding why. A skilled and empathetic counsellor will help you to examine your thoughts and feelings from a new perspective to gain clarity on your situation. As you unpack your behaviour, emotions, and feelings with your counsellor in a safe, non-judgmental environment, you could learn to understand yourself better. Being self-aware can help your mental and emotional health, improve your relationships, help you to navigate your stress triggers, and discover and appreciate all that you are. 

Improved coping mechanisms:

In a busy world, it is difficult to pause and take the time to self-reflect on the ways in which we cope with anger, stress, anxiety, depression, or challenges. When faced with distressing situations in life, we turn to the coping skills that we have learned over time to help us function and adjust. Sometimes, these coping skills may be ineffective or even harmful. Seeking individual counselling allows you to talk about the ways in which you cope during life’s most difficult moments in a safe and supportive environment. This is key to helping you find new and productive ways to deal with life’s challenges that are beneficial to your state of mind and wellbeing. Improved coping mechanisms can help you to effectively handle future stressors in a healthy way.  

Better communication skills:

Many difficulties in relationships may occur as a result of being unable to communicate effectively. Good communication is a skill that requires time and effort. A counsellor can help you to cultivate the skills that will improve the way in which you communicate with those around you. Talking to your counsellor in a supportive environment can also help you to learn to open up and have difficult discussions in healthy ways. Although it may be easier to talk to your counsellor, over time, these conversations will become easier to have with friends and family, paving the way for improved relationships. 

When to seek individual counselling:

Individual counselling is available to anyone who would like to improve their mental health and wellbeing, or who may need guidance during difficult periods in life. It is especially important to seek individual counselling when experiencing the following:

  • Feeling overwhelmed with a significant crisis
  • Facing difficult family dynamics or problems in relationships
  • Experiencing anxiety or extended periods of depression
  • Trying to cope with a major life transition 
  • Managing addiction or substance abuse
  • Wanting to make changes for better mental and emotional health

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